Location: Eastern Macedonia   Distance from the capitol Skopje: 165 km   Inhabitants:17500 citesens   Number of inhabited places: 22

Only town Delcevo has 11500 citizens.

There are 21 rural settlements with 6000 citizens.

The surface area of the municipality is 423 km2.

Municipality of Delcevo takes the north-eastern part of Republic of Macedonia, situated in the valley of Piyanetz, between the mountains of Golak and Vlaina, Osogovo mountains and Maleshevo mountains. The municipality is spread along the upper watter bed of the river Bregalnica ona 600-700 meeters above sea level.

Photo from the center of town Delcevo


Town Delcevo is placed only 10 km from the Macedonian-Bulgarian border, from the border crossing "Arnautski grob"

The roads leading to the other parts of Republic of Macedonia are: Highway A3 and the regional road 1302.

The climate is moderate-continental.

Except the town Delcevo, in the municipality there are also 21 inhabited rural places: Bigla, Vetren, Virce, Vratislavci, Gabrovo, Grad, Dramche, Dzvegor, Iliovo, Kiselica, Kosovo Dabje, Nov Istevnik, Ochipala, Poleto, Razlovci, Selnik, Stamer, Star Istevnik, Trabotivishte, Turija and Chiflik.


According the last census in 2002, in the municipality there are 17 505 inhabitants, from which there are 8977 male anda 8528 female. According the nationality 95% are Macedonians, 3,7% are Roma, 0.7$ are Turks, 0.19% Serbian, 0.04% Albanians, 0.02% Vlach and the rest 0.28% 

Archeological findings on the territory of the municipality of Delcevo show that this region is inhabited for centuries. The name Carevo selo (Tzar's village) for the first time is mentioned in 1347 in one of the documents of tzar Dushan. According the legends this settlement is known by the name Vasilevo, like the Byzantian ruler Vasiliy II. During the Otoman empire, the settlement is called Sultanija, but the inhabitents called it Carevo selo.

In 1950 the town is called Delcevo, by the name of macedonian revolutionary Gotse Delcev.

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